Weather forecast with -41F wind chills

Just watched: Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) directed by the Daniels 🎥 ★★★★

In a word, wild. In two words, absurdly entertaining. In three words, just gotta watch.

Did I get everything done from my to-do list today? No. But I got an impressive amount checked off! Normally I’d stay up and knock out a few more since I’m not dog-tired yet, but tonight I shall be responsible and head to bed. 🛌

🆕👕🚨 Don’t let them forget that you used to be someone on Twitter.



Inspired by @dmoren.

Finished watching: The Menu (2022) directed by Mark Mylod 🎥 ★★☆☆

Quite strange. Perhaps engrossing? Sillier as it went on.

Sometimes at night, when the ice absolutely glows 📷

More ice 📷

Been climbing some ice 📷

New do, who dis? 📷

I’ve always been fascinated by glasses and always ask to try on my friends’ pairs. (I’ll probably need them sooner rather than later.) I liked these! 📷

Didn’t Gluon (and Micro.blog) app used to autofill usernames? Or am I imagining that? Paging @vincent

Gluon app with the text of this post, and no suggested usernames.

After @lexfri@hachyderm.io mentioned it in his daily podcast, I’m giving BeReal a try. I like things with small asks, and one picture per day seems small enough. My username there is pretty guessable if you’re interested…

This was news to me, and welcome news at that. My wife and I listen to rain sounds through the HomePod every night. Now I can add that step to a ‘goodnight’ scene that also takes care of turning off lights and setting the sleeping thermostat temp.

HomePod software update notes highlighting that “Remastered ambient sounds are more immersive and can now be added to scenes, automations, and alarms in the Home app”

Skiing today was fantastic! ⛷️🎥

And I just love finding these impossibly balanced rocks out in nature. They’re so neat! 📷

A giant bolder covered with snow and trees, balancing on a tiny bit of its underside.

🛎️🛎️🛎️ Another accurate premonition by @siracusa@mastodon.social a decade ahead. The M1 iMac is, indeed, striking. overcast.fm/+3EXotlYE…

It was extra interesting because later in the episode, John gets to bask in being right about predicting the Fusion Drive.

Finished reading: Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose 📚 ★★★★

I saw this movie years ago, but never read the screenplay until now. It’s a fascinating look into how a jury’s deliberation should work. I so appreciated Juror 8’s calm determination to examine the facts as they had been presented, and consider the question “Do I have reasonable doubt?” It’s hard to imagine I could stay that collected in such a situation, though I like to think I would.

The movie is going back on my to-watch list.

Closing ceremonies! 📷

It took some time, but tonight I got all my Instagram photos imported here to Micro.blog. Feels good to own those posts and bring them over to their new home.

I don’t have immediate plans to leave Instagram, and new photos get pulled in automatically. But still.

Damn, I do love this town. I argue there are few other places in the world where, just 10 minutes from your front door, could you be hiking, skiing, climbing, boating, biking, or watching world-class curling. Saranac Lake, NY rules.

Happy new Lukas Graham album day to those who celebrate! album.link/i/1655754… 🎵

The iTunes mini-player playing “Stay Above” by Lukas Graham on ‘4 (The Pink Album)’

You know how in The Santa Clause, Tim Allen’s beard grows back the moment he looks back at it? That just happened with the snow in my driveway. I got home and shoveled. It was not snowing. I open the door a short time later and BAM! A fresh inch of snow. Out of nowhere! 🫠 📷

Curling! At the FISU World University Games 📷

Somehow, even after spending weeks trying to read it down, I have more things saved to my read-later queue than ever. 500 of them to be exact. If every article took just one minute to read, it’d still take me 8 hours to finish. It’s too easy to save. Something’s gotta change.

I think I’ve fixed the issue with my Micro.blog posts not appearing in the Timeline. Apparently when you change to a custom domain, the built-in feed that sends posts over to the Timeline no longer works. I manually added my new feed, so hopefully this and previous posts show!

I started The Climb tonight. It’s…weird. The climbing is cool & people seem nice. But it dramatizes a sport that, despite its appearance, isn’t dramatic. It feels like watching satire. Oh, and a distinct lack of Jason Mamoa so far.